So I went by the beach at sunset hoping to capture the stars, but it turned out to be overcast. So no stars, only clouds. The sun was gone and there was little light, but it was still a beautiful scene. The tide was high and the waves were crashing like you wouldn’t believe.


It got dark quick. I saw a few people leaving the area, heading back to their hotels I imagined. Suddenly a lone figure appeared in the distance. It seemed as if he was walking towards me. That can’t be right I thought. I need to stop being paranoid. Oh shit. He’s headed straight for me. I kept calm, told my girlfriend it was nice while it lasted and prepared for the worst.

“Cheers,” he said. “Do you mind taking a video of me while I do some fire dancing?”

“Sure,” I said. “Fire dancing?”

He motioned to a container holding two small balls attached to chains.

“You’re a fire dancer?” I asked. He laughed. He was visiting from South Africa and this was his last night in The Bahamas. I guess he was looking for adventure. So after about 2 minutes of fiddling with a lighter, he proceeded to light up the darkness.