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night photography


There are some 700 islands and cays in The Bahamian archipelago. Many of them are small, abandoned and covered in lush greed vegetation. These cays and islands are surrounded by crystal clear turquoise waters. Bimini is one of the inhabited... Continue Reading →


From a sleepy cat to an electric blue beach, this is Exuma.


Who needs words on Christmas? And of course the moon.


So I went by the beach at sunset hoping to capture the stars, but it turned out to beĀ overcast. So no stars, only clouds. The sun was gone and there was little light, but it was still a beautiful scene.... Continue Reading →

The night

Hello.   When we look into the night and into the heavens how small we must feel. The night reminds us that even darkness can be beautiful. It reminds me of that anyway. There's something about night photography and they... Continue Reading →

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